Touch In Paris Intl Touch Tournament PARIS 28 MAY 2011

Once again, this tournament was a real success with the reception of a New Zealand team, Galaxy Touch Worldwide, which won the cup.
The level was much more higher than previous years.

This tournament, which today is recognized as the biggest European tournament by FIT, matched al the expectations, on and off the ground.

Here is the team ranking :
1 Galaxy Touch Worldwide : WINNER CUP
2 London Otters
3 Barebacks riders
4 Cymru Am Byth
5 Squirrels
6 XXX Amsterdam
7 Cambridge Hornets
8 Superhands
9 Mort de Faim PLATE WINNER
10 Hot Custards
11 Geezers
12 Touch Rhone Alpes
13 Flying Gallus (local team)
14 Galaxy Paris
15 Galaxy London
16 Courant d´R
17 Green Army (BOWL WINNER)
18 Kituro
19 Ghetto TOUCH
20 Mixy
21 Oxford Touch Rugby
22 Can´t Dutch this
23 Touch Nantes
24 Brussels Celtic´s Touch

Photos are available ont the club blog.

The acknoledgments of the club president (in French, sorry)
"Bonjour à tous,

Erick se joint à moi pour vous adresser à tous un énorme Merci pour tout le travail que vous avez effectué ce weekend.
Le tournoi s´est parfaitement déroulé, et c´est évidemment grâce à tous ceux qui ont bien voulu donner de leur temps pour l´organiser.
Je ne peux pas remercier tout le monde personnellement, mais je suis bien conscient de ce que chacun a fait. Sachez que nous avons déjà reçu plusieurs messages de remerciements de la part des équipes présentes, preuve que notre tournoi a encore été une grande réussite.

Nous pouvons être fiers d´avoir encore une fois organisé le plus gros tournoi de Touch de l´année en Europe.


- - - - - - - - - - - - -
You will find in the document below all information you need.
(version 3 of May 2011)

Please fill the attached registration form with all names and send it back to : REGISTRATION-2011.xls.

Don’t forget to nominate players who will be called to assist official referees when needed.

For any additional questions, contact Erick.

- - - - -

The 6th edition of "Touch In Paris" International Tournament will take place as usual in Gif-sur-Yvette, on saturday may 28th.

The Gif-sur-Yvette town, one of the greatest partners of TR91, has allocated this year one more field to the Roosters, which allows TR91 to welcome 4 more team, up to 24 this year.

Sign of the undeniable success of the tournament, these 24 teams are already registered on the tournament.
They are from Scotland, Ireland, England, Belgium, Neithelands and ... from France of course.

Because of the Touch World cup (which is coming shortly), Roosters will receive a special guest : the Peter Walters "Galaxy" team.
A really good challenger to London Otters team which won this tournament 4 times in a row.
Thus, a high level of game is expected, especially because this tournament will be use as a test some teams on their way to the world cup

It will also be the opportunity for the referees to validate their level 1 or 2 or to acquire more experience for their level 3.

The high authorities of the Federation International of Touch will be also present with Dennis Coffey, the general secretary of FIT. It has been at this tournament several years taking a lot of pleasure to see how evoluates touch in Europe.

With 400 players on the fields, be sure that the atmosphere will be great. The supporters (around 200) will take their part in the party of our dreams !

See you on Saturday, May 28th, from 10 am, at the sports complex Michel Pelchat, Gif-sur-Yvette (next to the city hall).