TOUCH, what a game! What a game!

Touch (with a capital "T")is a field game also known as Touch Football (particularly in Australia) and Touch Rugby in other countries. In games of Touch, which is a derivative of rugby league, touching an opposing player replaces a tackle, reducing the physical nature of the full contact game. Touch is overseen by the Federation of International Touch (FIT).

Touch has a number of advantages over the traditional game, including the ease of learning and the ability to play it without fear of injury. One of the best aspects of the sport of Touch is its broad appeal. It is played by both sexes, and in age divisions from primary school children to over-50 masters. The mixed version of the game (where both male and female players are on the field at the same time) is particularly popular with social players.

The game helps to develop essential skills and fitness for use both in the rugby codes and other sports. Schools have used touch as part of their curriculum to avoid the inevitable injuries that can stem from the full contact version.

Touch also scores in the lack of required equipment department. As kicking is not part of touch, posts are not required, and the game can be played with minimal facilities (a ball and a rectangular playing area). There is also no special clothing required and it can often be played barefoot.

The game has a number of variations including Beach Touch where the defence has one less player than the attack.